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We created our HomeRX Program to give our patients a better, more affordable and convenient way to get their medicine. Not only will you benefit from all of the services listed below, as part of the HomeRX Program, but we can also deliver or mail your medicine FREE of charge to anywhere in the state of NC.

Our patients save their hard earned money by buying these generic drugs which work just as well as their expensive named brands. They save even more by getting an extended supply. We offer the following prices on a long list of generic drugs:

                                     3 months for $20          6 months for $37

                                     9 months for $55          12 months for $70

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Save money by replacing your Viagra prescription with Sildenafil. As little as $10 for one dose compared to $40 for Viagra.

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Medication Synchronization Program

With our synchronization program not only will you get all of your monthly maintenance medicines on the same day each month, but you'll never have to remember to call in a refill. Our staff will call you each month to check on the status of your medicines and if there are any changes.

We will then get your medicine ready, including 1 FREE OTC item each month, and make sure you receive it before you run out. We can even deliver it to your door if you choose with our county-wide FREE delivery.

Adherence Packaging

Become healthier by taking the medicine your provider has prescribed the way you were supposed to. You'll no longer have to remember which pills you need to take a different times of the day. Our adherence packaging not only separates all of your medicine for the entire month, but lists the meds in each "cup" and the when you need to take them.

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